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Download my book, NFTs: A Handbook for Art Lovers, and learn about art assets attached to NFTs!

Finally, the NFT publication for art professionals!


A book geared to YOU - the gallery owner, art industry participant, art appraiser, art consultant, and art collector.

Find out what you need to know:


  • History and emergence of NFTs

  • Role of Art in NFTs 

  • How NFTs work

  • Why NFTs have value

  • How to buy and sell them and pitfalls to look out for

  • NFT Myths

  • Future of non-fungible tokens


Claudia Hess is a 40-year veteran of the art market with an international

MBA. She’s an accredited art appraiser and art historian of this NFT

movement. She collects NFTs and will share with you, her over 17 months

of research to explain this NFT phenomenon in a clear and understandable way.

NFT Handbook for art lovers book cover
NFTs: A Handbook for Art Lovers


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