Our Services

Seeing your art is the very best, but In light of Covid-19 , we are offering virtual appraisals. 

Let's talk so that we can offer you a product that is the best value for what you need.  




We help you figure out what to do with art, furniture, antiques, artisanal jewelry, etc.   We'll help you figure out if you should:  

Sell? Buy? Donate?

Hess Art Advisory provides independent, detailed, objective, well researched, and photo documented appraisals for our clients. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we appraise worldwide in accordance with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  Principal, Claudia Hess has OVER 30 YEARS experience in the Art Industry, she is accredited by Appraisers Association of America. 

Clients, such as individualsattorneysfiduciariesand museums rely upon us for accurate and well documented appraisals to support evaluations in many contexts including:

•  Insurance

•  Damage & Loss

•  Estate Planning, Estates, Gift Tax

•  Blockage Discount

•  Charitable Contributions

•  Liquidation and Bankruptcy

•  Marital Distribution

•  Appraisal Review


Fine Art Collection Management

HESS ART ADVISORY provides overall curatorial support, management services, and technical advice for private and corporate collections. Our team can help with any combination of the following service elements:


- Inventory, database management and catalogue creation
- Conservation and restoration resources 
- Display, framing, hanging and lighting
- Loans to galleries or institutions (including insurance, packing and shipping)
- Preservation and planning for collections
- Trust and estate strategic planning for preservation and growth of a collection

The arts play a critical role in our health of connection to community. There are many ways to activate the art you collect to bring about good in the community. To cite one example, Agnes Gund sold a valuable painting to benefit a Criminal Justice Fund.  You do not have to be a wealthy collector to enact change!  Let us help you explore how to use your visual assets to align with your other philanthropic passions!